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Terraforming Mars | Spiel des Jahres 2017 (Deutscher Spielepreis) | Kennerspiel | Schwerkraft Verlag

Terraforming Mars | Spiel des Jahres 2017 (Deutscher Spielepreis) | Kennerspiel | Schwerkraft Verlag

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Marke: Schwerkraft-Verlag

Farbe: Mehrfarbig

Bindung: Spielzeug

Artikelnummer: SKV 1021

Einzelheiten: Terraforming Mars by Jakob Fryxelius Full German edition by Gravity Verlag TERRAFORMING MARS is a fantastic game. It gives players the opportunity to take the path of humanity to their greatest performance: The creation of a new world. Bring life to Mars and bring Mars to life! Have fun! Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society The tame of the Red Planet has begun! Powerful corporations compete to transform Mars into a habitable planet. They use massive resources and use new technologies to increase temperature, create a breathable atmosphere and oceans full of water. With the progress of terrain forming, more and more people will move from Earth to live on the Red Planet. In Terraforming Mars, each player controls a group and buys and plays cards that describe different projects. These projects often have a direct or indirect influence on the terraforming process, although they can also consist of business projects of different kinds. The game ends when sufficient oxygen has emerged on Mars to breathe sufficient oceans for earth-like weather and the temperature is significantly above freezing. Then it will be possible, if not even pleasant, to live on the Marso surface! Number of players: 1–5. Game duration: 90–120 min. Age recommendation: From 12 years of age.

EAN: 4260370820264

Paketmaße: 11.7 x 11.7 x 2.8 inches

Sprachen: Deutsch

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